NebulFlaem 4.0


Aerosol Therapy - Lower Airways

Main Features

Complete and effective professional nebulizer system thanks to the heavy duty compressor.
Equipped with the innovative “RF9” nebulizer with 4 modes of nebulization that allows targeted treatments for different respiratory tracts.
Optimized medication delivery and reduced dispersion.
The enclosure of NebulFlaem 4.0 are made of ABS mixed with antimicrobial additive BioCote®, which makes the surfaces protected 24 hours a day and permanently provides antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Store accessories in a more secure environment.

Why Choose NebulFlaem 4.0

  • Made in Italy
  • Professional air filter
  • Breath-enhanced 4 speed and particle size “RF9”
  • Soft-touch Adult and Child masks included
  • Compatible with Rhino Clear® nasal wash
  • Sturdy handle for easy transportation
  • Cable storage compartment
  • Convenient built-in storage compartment

Safe product


Technical features of nebulization

Nebulizer RF9 Speed
Delivery  ml / min' (1) 0,38 0,75
MMAD (2) μm 2,56 5,8
Respirable fraction < 5 μm (2) 82,2% 40,3%
Maximum fill volume (1) 8 ml

(1) Dati rilevati secondo procedura interna Flaem I29-P07.5. I valori di Velocità d’erogazione possono variare in funzione della capacità respiratoria del paziente Data shown is in accordance with Flaem Nuova internal procedure I29-P07.5. Values shown for the aerosol delivery may vary depending on the patients respiratory capacity.
(2) Caratterizzazione in vitro eseguita presso UNI Parma in conformità allo Standard Europeo per apparecchi da aerosolterapia Norma EN 13544-1. Maggiori dettagli sono disponibili su richiesta In vitro testing certified by UNI Parma in compliance with the European Standard EN 13544-1 for nebulizing systems. Further details available on request.
(3) Dati calcolati in base ai valori ottenuti con apparecchiatura Malvern Spraytech e comparati con i valori dei test eseguiti presso Università di Parma su modello analogo. Data calculated based on the values obtained with the Malvern Spraytec and compared with the values of the tests performed by Università di Parma on a equiparable model.


User Manual

NebulFlaem 4.0

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Technical Sheet

NebulFlaem 4.0

Languages: IT, EN

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EMC Warnings

Electromagnetic compatibility
Guidance and manufacturer's declaration

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