Aerosol Therapy - Lower Airways

Main Features

Silent and comfortable compressor nebulizer system for the whole family. ProfiNeb has very compact sizes, without compromising on speed and particle sizes.

Why Choose ProfiNeb

  • Made in Italy
  • Breath enhanced two-speeds nebulizer “RF7 Plus”
  • Silent
  • Soft-touch Adult and Child masks included
  • High quality air filter
  • Compatible with Rhino Clear® nasal wash
  • Low energy consumption
  • Travel bag
  • Universal power supply

Safe product


RF7 Dual Speed Plus
Technical features of nebulization

Dual speed nebulizer Speed selector
Delivery  ml / min' (1) 0,18 0,42
MMAD (2) μm 2,95 2,44
Respirable fraction < 5 μm (2) 74,7% 80,7%
Maximum fill volume (1) 8 ml

(1) Data shown is in accordance with Flaem Nuova internal procedure I29-P07.5. Values shown for the aerosol delivery may vary depending on the patient’s respiratory capacity.
(2) In vitro testing performed by TÜV Rheinland Italia S.r.l. in collaboration with the University of Parma and in compliance with the EN 13544-1: 2007 + A1 European Standard for aerosol therapy devices Standard. More details are available on request.


User Manual


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Technical Sheet


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EMC Warnings

Electromagnetic compatibility
Guidance and manufacturer's declaration

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