Hygiene Box


Accessories - Upper Airways, Lower Airways, Wellbeing

Main Features

Disinfection and storage box for accessories.

Flaem Hygiene Box is composed of polypropylene mixed with the antimicrobial additive BioCote®, which makes surfa-ces protected 24 hours a day and permanently provides antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, that reduces the presence of microbes by up to 99,99%.

Why Choose Hygiene Box

  • Disinfection with still water (microwave oven)
  • Disinfection with disinfectant (chemical method)
  • Compatible with all aereosol therapy accessories
Code Model
ACO042B Hygiene Box

Safe product



User Manual

Hygiene Box

Languages: IT, EN, DE, FR, NL, ES, PL, EL, AR

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Technical Sheet

Hygiene Box

Languages: IT, EN

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