Rhino Clear

ACO556P (white), ACO415P (blue), ACO416P (yellow)

Aerosol Therapy - Upper Airways

Main Features

Rhino Clear® is a fast and effective system to clean the upper respiratory tract. Paired with a compressor nebulizer, it removes secretions, dust and harmful substances that have accumulated inside the paranasal sinuses and collects them in a special chamber. Can be used with saline solutions (isotonic, hypertonic, liposome solutions, etc.), thermal waters or medications commonly available in pharmacies.

Code Model
ACO556P Rhino Clear Neutral
ACO415P Rhino Clear Blue
ACO416P Rhino Clear Yellow

Why Choose Rhino Clear

  • Compatible with the entire range of Flaem compressor nebulizer systems
  • On-off button
  • Clinically tested


User Manual

Rhino Clear

Languages: IT, EN, FR, DE, ES, PL, NL, DE, ZH, AR

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Technical Sheet

Rhino Clear

Languages: IT, EN

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