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Latty is a resistant device particularly suitable for the clinical-hospital use and for rental in pharmacies. The regulation functions of both the cycle speed and the strength of milk expression allow to simulate the natural breastfeeding of the newborn. The diaphragm system with no milk spillage into bottles makes the device extremely safe, easy to use and to clean. As well as 3 rigid breastshields of different sizes, Latty can be equipped with a soft-touch silicon breastshield (M-sized) with massaging effect for the most comfortable breastfeeding.

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How to use Latty

Why Choose

  • Made in Italy
  • Suitable for rental and clinical use
  • Knob of cycle speed
  • Knob of expression strength
  • New diaphragm system for no-milk spillage
  • Easy to use, to clean, to maintain
  • Accessories easily washable and disinfectable
  • 3 rigid breastshields (sizes: S-M-L) + 1 silicon breastshield (size: M)
  • 250-ml milk bottle with sealing cap

Safe product


Accessory Kit

Latty can be purchased with an extra accessory kit allowing to express milk from both breasts at same time. Milk bottles can be placed in 2 holders oppositely located next to device.

Latty Kit

Code Packaging
ACO0011 6 pcs

Twins Kit

Code Packaging
ACO0021 6 pcs

Breastshields Kit (S-M-L)

Size Code Packaging
S ACO003I 12 pcs
M ACO004I 12 pcs
L ACO005I 12 pcs

Massaging set (sized-L breastshield + sized-M silicon breastshield)

Code Packaging
ACO006I 12 pcs

Carrying bag

Code Packaging
15663A0 1 pcs

Milk bottle

Code Packaging
ACO007I 12 pcs


User Manual


Languages: IT, EN, FR, ES, DE, NL, PL, AR

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Technical Sheet


Languages: IT, EN

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EMC Warnings

Electromagnetic compatibility
Guidance and manufacturer's declaration

Languages: EN

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