Baby Flaem Nasal Aspirator

ACO423P (1 pcs), ACO510P (6 pcs)

Baby Care

Main Features

The Baby Flaem nasal aspirator does not require a person to create suction from mouth. Its patented system makes it easy to use by a simple and repeated push of the plunger by the patient’s finger. By slowly releasing the plunger, the device sucks mucus out of the child’s nostril. In addition, the nozzle can be safely placed into the baby’s nostril as no excessive pressure is created while pushing the plunger. This is thanks to the special device configuration.
The Baby Flaem nasal aspirator can be simply assembled and disassembled for an easy cleaning and sanitisation.

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User Manual

Baby Flaem Nasal Aspirator

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Technical Sheet

Baby Flaem Nasal Aspirator

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EMC Warnings

Electromagnetic compatibility
Guidance and manufacturer's declaration

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