Heavy-duty nebulizer system for professional use

PulmoWaves® is a non-invasive device for respiratory physiotherapy, particularly indicated for removing tracheobronchial secretions.

PEP regulator

5-position PEP regulator, so to maintain airways open during expiratory phase.

Pneumatic compressor & flow regulator

The pneumatic compressor is activated by the patient’s inspiratory action. The vibrations, whose amplitude is adjustable via the flow regulator on the device console, enable the removal of mucus obstructions that clog the airways.

Ultrasonic nebulizer

The airflow inhaled can also be a warm nebulized saline or drug solution, so to keep airways humid during treatment.

  • Made in Italy
  • Innovative 3-in-1 treatment
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Technically validated efficacy

Safe product


Technical specifications


Power supply/power 230 V~50 Hz/140 VA
Pulse rate ~50 Hz
Noise (at 1 m) 55 dB (A) (approx.)
Unit size 22 (L) x 11 (P) x 23 (H) cm
Unit weight 2.730 Kg
Carry bag dimensions 27 (L) x 17 (P) x 25 (H) cm
Warranty 2 years

Ultrasonic nebulizer

Power source 230 V~50 Hz/140 VA
Nebulisation ml/min1 ~50 Hz
mmad1 55 dB (A) (approx.)
Breathable fraction < 5 μm11 22 (L) x 11 (P) x 23 (H) cm
Medication cup capacity1 2.730 Kg

(1) Data recorded according to ANNEX CC of EN 13544-1

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