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Main Features

PulmoWaves 2 is a medical device for the respiratory physiotherapy and for tracheobronchial secretions removal.

Innovative 3-in-1 treatment

Airways opening
The operation is based on the generation of vibrations by the pneumatic compressor that is automatically activated by the patient’s inspiratory action. These vibrations, whose amplitude is adjustable via the flow regulator on the device console, enable the removal of mucus obstructions that clog the airways.

Expectoration and mucus removal
The system features a 5-position adjustable PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure) device for the management of the expiration phase; the intensity of flow can be measured by the new digital pressure gauge with LED technology on the device console, easy to read and convenient to clean. The PEP device effect is to keep the airways open during the entire exhalation phase. This device can also be used without the nebulizer, for an alternative therapeutic solution.

Airways lubrication
PulmoWaves 2 integrates the activity of PEP device and pneumatic compressor with the benefits produced by a new jet nebulizer equipped with an RF8 nebulizer. In order to prevent airways becoming dry during treatment, the flow inhaled by the patient draws saline solution nebulized and produced by the device.



Power supply/power 230 V~ 140 VA
Frequency 50Hz
Fuse 1x T2AL 250V
Noise (at 1 m) 55 dB (A) (approx.)

Nebulizer device

Power source 12 V
Nebulisation ml/min(1) 0,32 ml/min’
MMAD(2) 4,26 μm
Breathable fraction <5μm(2) 51,7 % (approx. )
Medication tray capacity 8 ml

(1) Data collected according to Flaem internal procedure I29-P07.5. (2) Data calculated on the basis of the values obtained with the Malvern Spraytec and compared with the values of the tests performed at the University of Parma.

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User Manual

PulmoWaves 2

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Technical Sheet

PulmoWaves 2

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EMC Warnings

Electromagnetic compatibility
Guidance and manufacturer's declaration

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